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Where did you first hear your favorite song? Was it on the radio? For me, it was the 8-tracks in my Dad’s Buick Riviera. Travel with me through generations & genres, the times & the tunes - from the living room console, to the songs we stream online today. While our sound-sources, styles, hair, and lives have changed through the decades, music has consistently been there to tell our stories. Enjoy peppy pop songs, haunting ballads, a sexy waltz, movie music and a few surprises! Presented by Conundrum Stages an ACT of Davie.

$15 general admission

Meri Ziev, Vocalistd presents "Life is a Cabaret", a Lecture-Performance

The Palace at Morselife

Life is a cabaret...but what IS a cabaret? The Art of Cabaret Performance will be compared and contrasted to musical theatre, jazz and performing with an orchestra. Lyric interpretation, audience engagement and musical arrangements will be explored through listening, singing and participation by those attending.

Vocal Jazz Set Performance

(CDT, UTC-05) (CDT, UTC-05)

The Jazz Cave at Nashville Jazz Workshop, Nashville, TN

Summative performance of 15 workshop participants backed by Lori Mechem (piano), Roger Spencer (bass) & Larry Aberman (percussion).

A jukebox is not just for the diner! Musicals on Broadway have taken popular music from your record machine to the stage. “Jukebox Musicals” can be a musical biopic, such as "Beautiful: The Carole King Musical", or a story set to the music of singers or composers, like "All Shook Up": The Music of Elvis Presley. Join me on the Great White Way for “Crossover Hits Part 2”! This hybrid lecture-performance is for the residents of MorseLife.

Meri Ziev, Vocalist "Sunshine, Samba & Sizzle", a hybrid musical lecture performance

The Levin Palace at MorseLife, West Palm Beach, FL

It’s Too Darn Hot! “How hot is it?” (Ask me!) So, how do we handle a Heatwave? The history of the summer blockbuster, the emergence of Bossa Nova and Samba music from Brazil (One Note Samba, So Nice), and a movie that flopped but brought us a song about summer love that sold over 5 million copies. We live in Florida where the sunshine makes it Summertime anytime. Come in for a cool time with a hot topic!

Florida Cabaret Fun with Meri Ziev on The Eden Show

 — (EDT, UTC-04) — (EDT, UTC-04)


A fun-filled, remote musical collaboration between Meri Ziev on vocals, from Florida, and Eden Casteel, on keyboard from Rhode Island! There will be songs, feelings, laughter, and likely some musical improv! Can't "be there"? Catch the replay on demand - YT, FB, Twitter, Twitch TV!

Standards by the Sea

Dick robinson

Thanks to Dick Robinson, I had the impetus to get into the recording studio!  He featured my recordings on Legends Radio 100.3FM AND on his radio/tv broadcast of American Standards by the Sea in December 2019! 

Legends Radio 100.3 FM

Sandy and "Lady I" Fisher

A silver lining in the early days of the 2020 pandemic: A feature on "Legends Ladder"!  Many thanks to Sanford and Isanne Fisher, and the Old Jock himself, Dick Robinson!

The Jazz Lounge

Grace Black, Scottland

What a thrill to hear my recordings broadcast from across the pond, all around the world! Thanks to Grace Black, my music was featured on K107fm Community Radio, Pure Jazz Radio, and Pure Beat Radio!