BIO: Meri Ziev (she, her), Vocalist

Ocean Ridge, FL (Palm Beach County)

MERI ZIEV began singing pop tunes (now called standards!) along with the 8-tracks in her father’s Buick Riviera. As an adult, she worked in every setting from hospitals to schools, as a speech-language pathologist. She discovered that her passion for promoting human connections through speech and language, synthesizes perfectly with her life-long love of music. Ziev glides through the worlds of musical theatre and a performance troop, Jazz on J Street All Stars, and the Spirit & Soul Jazz Band, as well as the Pops Orchestra of Palm Beach County, but she always comes back to the exquisite art of cabaret. Ziev performs from ‘Zoom to the Room,’ around the world, singing at cabaret venues, condominiums, galas, and fundraisers, in person, online and poolside!


Meri Ziev earns accolades everywhere she performs.  Marlon Foster, Visitor Services and Music Manager with the Cultural Council for Palm Beach County said, "Meri's performance was great, intimate and refreshing and one of the highlights of the Summer Performance Arts series." Sponsored by Legends Radio and News Chanel 5, her show, “In Other Words” was performed with Musical Direction by MAC and Bistro Award winner Bobby Peaco.   Read the Palm Beach Daily News feature here: